Thursday, February 21, 2013

Does anyone still read this?

Hello, interwebs. It's been awhile. Actually I've been here, I've just been ignoring you.

To my blog, I know I neglected our relationship. Times have been tough. America, especially, has been tough. A whole new slew of catastrophes has transpired since I opined naively on California election results. Plus there's the problem of me needing to work sometimes to make money...and enjoying my last few months of relative childhood. Yeah. It's been tough.

But soon I will be graduated, a new professional in hopefully government or public relations. While I dominate the Google results for my name, my last blog entry was clearly in 2010. That just doesn't look great. I would delete it, but I also want to keep my previous posts for use as writing samples. So my only choice is find time in my crazy senior year to revive the blog and get back into using my brain.

So here goes! What am I going to write about? Who knows! Am I going to get weird online trolls and haters on my page? Probably! However I am in it for the adventure...however small it may be.

If anyone DOES still read this and has a political topic suggestion I am all guarantees.