Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Post: Personal mission statement

I used to blog on facebook Notes but I think people started getting pissed off.  I guess that's what I get for letting my political views spew on the internet.  I decided to create my own blog in order to keep my freedom of speech from scaring away my social networking "Friends".  This will also allow me to exercise some of my newfound journalism skills in a more mature setting and expose myself to the blogging community.

 First a little background on myself: I'm an 18 year old student fresh out of my first year at San Diego State University (GO AZTECS!).  I grew up in Sacramento, and after finally escaping the nightmare that was Catholic education, I discovered my love for all things political.  Now I am working toward a Poli Sci bachelors degree as well as interning for the summer at Goddard Claussen, a strategic advocacy firm about a block from the state capitol building.  As far as personal advocacy goes, I'm the SDSU spokesperson for Safer Alternative for Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER) and Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), two groups that support fairer drug policies in schools as well as the general social acceptance of marijuana as a "recreational substance".  Drug policy has become my passion, both because of my personal experiences and the overall cultural impact that drugs and recreational substances have on our society as a whole.  I plan to work in Sacramento after college, hopefully in lobbying or journalism, and also plan to someday run for public office.

My purpose for this blog is simple: I believe that our nation's government officials have all but turned this country upside down with restrictions, taxes, and other manipulatory measures to ensure their own political success rather than the well-being of the American people.  However, as a representative democracy, we are failing to stand up for our own liberties because the generation in power has boxed themselves into an overtly polar party system and used the press rather than objective education to influence voters.  While this has been working for years, 18-25 year olds are the next wave of voters and politicians.  The "Millennials", as we have been nicknamed, share social and political views that are much different from our parents'.  I believe that we are the generation that will put an end to the problems we are experiencing not only federally, but especially in California at the local level.

Many of my opinions call for drastic changes in the government, and while many people tell me I should think smaller and be less outspoken, I disagree.  The only way to save California and the American society, I believe, is through "Culture Shocks" (hence the name for my blog).  Through working at Goddard Claussen, I recently viewed poll results that showed an 88% disapproval rating for California legislators, the lowest rating ever recorded.  This is rock bottom, and only culture shocks can save us now.

Feel free to follow and comment on any posts.  I will be respecting First Amendment free speech on this blog as well as friendly debate.

I will be updating as often as possible.  Hopefully I get some readers on this and help people form their own opinions, especially since it's an election year and a lot of issues are on the table.

Happy reading!

p.s.: Here's an interesting article I read recently regarding our generation's admirable social views!

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